There is, however, an intriguing exception: Buddhism. Perhaps this is because Buddhism is as much philosophy as religion, or maybe because Buddhism is somehow more “valid” than, say, the Abrahamic Big Three (Judaism,

A world in total turmoil, needs the peace and gentle calm of Lord Buddha-and in a historic first in the decade, Sotheby’s New York will present Footsteps of the Buddha: Masterworks from Across the Buddhist World, (Sep 3-23, 2013) the.

Makes me almost want to burn the Buddha…but then again…. Please tell all your blog readers how grateful we are for their generosity. The ladies are so excited at the prospect of getting yoga mats and supplies. What a wonderful.

File photo. Toyoko Nakagawara has a skill that makes her essential for mochi-making day at the Tacoma Buddhist Temple – she’s got hands that can handle piping hot dough. Rolling out the steamed dough is an essential step when.

In China, bigger is most definitely better – even when it comes to Buddha. Massive Buddha statues have been built around the country over the past few decades. The 160-foot Buddha in the video towers over crowds, almost as much.

and short blog posts on why, for example, it’s important to shop at Buddhist stores to support monks ("By displaying a sticker or poster, a business and home could indicate that it was owned by a Buddhist and that they supported the.

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Buddhist Fiction Blog This blog was created for readers of Buddhist Fiction and, hopefully, will serve as space to share thoughts about books and short stories of Buddhist Fiction, or even about the very idea that a grouping of popular fiction novels and short stories can be labeled Buddhist Fiction.

It’s not surprising that Southeast Asia is home to countless ancient Buddha statues, but when one of those statues contains a mummified monk, that is certainly a surprise. A mummified monk is exactly what researchers at the.

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"On New Year’s Eve, locals visit the Buddhist temple to ring a bell that.

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Sep 26, 2011  · This blog was created for readers of Buddhist Fiction and, hopefully, will serve as space to share thoughts about books and short stories of Buddhist Fiction, or even about the very idea that a grouping of popular fiction novels and short stories can be labeled Buddhist Fiction.

An informative and amusing blog exploring Buddhist philosophy, science, and American culture.

I’ve been brooding over Buddhism lately, for several reasons. First, I read that Steve Jobs was a long-time dabbler in Buddhism and was even married in a Buddhist.

The popular caricature of American Buddhism is perhaps of a Zen master practicing in a remote locale in the rural highlands surrounding the Bay Area of California or of a Chinese immigrant with a golden Buddha adorning their shop.

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However as part of Karma (cause and effect). Tibetan Buddhism, and Buddhism in general, has grown. The wishes of the 16th Karmapa, various Rinpoche’s, lama’s, of various lineage, is being carried out. It has spread globally and the dharma with it. The Tibetan language is utilized by many. Teachings shared. Buddhist lineage carried on. started life as a blog, back in 2005, and ran until 2011. It is written and run by me, Myth and history in the biography of the Buddha.

The Buddhist philosophy of “becoming again” holds that when we die, our souls begin life in a new form. Whatever the new vessel for our spirit will be — human.

Thursday, January 26, 2012 at 5:54 PM ET Posted by Betsy Masiello, Policy Manager A lot has been said about our new privacy policy. Some have praised us for.

Theravada daily Buddhist practice blog. Uncover the secrets of Buddhist meditation – mindfulness and concentration – and discover the beauty of Buddha’s ancient teachings of universal kindness and tranquility and wisdom for your mind.

Now this is a Bulletproof Monk. A Buddhist monk who was robbed of his wallet while at a lottery machine inside of a South Philly gas station on Jan. 3 chose not to take the path of least resistance and instead chased after and grabbed his.

This afternoon I watched a hummingbird drink from the water bubbling from the top of Buddha’s head. This Buddha fountain sits in the backyard of the house we just bought and was a part on the property purchase as much as the.

In Bodh Gaya in Bihar, the Buddha sits inside the Mahabodhi Temple with a brilliant crystal bowl in his lap. The Buddha’s gilded figure is placed on a plinth, inside a glass enclosure, rising more than seven feet above human height.

The Buddha walked his own path, you could say that he was a rebel of sorts. He was a Hindu when he first started his spiritual journey but along the way he found his own Dharma that conflicted with the Hinduism of the time. I doubt that’s the reaction Conway was looking for.. Bernie Quigley, Pundits Blog contributor, said: I don’t know what the “aqua Buddha” is and I’ve been a Buddhist for.

A new documentary presents evidence suggesting that remains discovered by an archaeologist could be the sacred remains of the Buddha. PBS will premiere “Secrets of the Dead: Bones of the Buddha” Tuesday, July 23. The.

One of the key Buddhist themes is Ahimsa, meaning ‘non-injury‘ or ‘do no harm.’ Quoting directly from the Insight Meditation Center, “… the importance of.

He will be a mystic, poet and scientist — all at once. My concept of the new man is that he will be Zorba the Greek and he will also be Gautama the Buddha. The new man will be Zorba the Buddha. He will be sensuous and spiritual — in.

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At first glance, the cafe, which also serves alcohol, looks like any other except for an altar next to the countertop bar with a Buddha statue set against a gold backdrop. Its name, Tera Cafe, is a another hint – Tera is Japanese for temple. The.

This blog is not about endorsing a political philosophy or trying to convince anyone to agree with my views. The Buddhist Conservative

Tricycle: The Buddhist Review is the independent voice of Buddhism in the West.