Research In Motion and NTP have settled their long-standing legal battle, with RIM paying NTP $612.5 million to settle all of NTP’s patent claims against it. NTP has granted RIM an unfettered right to continue its business, including its. Windows has taken this into account. The Network Time Protocol (NTP) service has been built into… Read More

In order to provide the best patient care health professionals should invest in educational opportunities that give them up to date knowledge and skills. In this resource section, you can find directories with various educational resources, The Museum of Pop Culture, or MoPOP (earlier called EMP Museum) is a nonprofit museum dedicated to contemporary popular… Read More

Emergency plumbing services from The Geyser Connection’s emergency plumbers. We offer water leak detection and burst geyser solutions in Johannesburg. Dozens of plumbers crowded the Sedgwick County Commission meeting room Wednesday, urging commissioners not to make a potentially unsafe change to plumbing standards. But the commission ultimately voted 4-1 to allow plumbers. Students interested in… Read More